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How to distribute and maintain your game?

Server - full version every update not useful.
Stores -inconvenient posting an update, long, only possible after official release.
Third Party Solutions - take a long time, you need a server to work, not always reliable.

SG Patcher - automatic update system

With our update system you will forget about the routine release process, you will need one click to transfer the changes to your users.

User Friendly

We thought out the interface well so that you could use the system without opening the documentation.


Due to the small patch size, your users will install the new version almost instantly. For you, creating a version will take several minutes.


Your application will be 100% checked for damage every time it starts. Due to our algorithms, this happens very quickly.

Android and IOS

Our tool works on all platforms that Unity supports.


Take simple steps to create a version.


Setup Storage

Configure Google Drive, or specify the parameters of the FTP server.


Create Definition

Create an assembly definition, such as "Android". With this feature, you can release updates to multiple platforms at once.


Create Version

Enter the version number and click "Build". The system starts creating the game, then compares the old and new versions and sends the changes to the server. Nothing is required of you.


Client Updates Game

All is ready! Now your customers can start the game, it will be updated!

Google Drive

To start using Google, simply allow access to add files to the disk. It is free and fast! No credentials are required.


For users who have their own server or hosting. We offer to configure the system through FTP. It only takes a couple of minutes.


SG Patcher

If you are interested in the product, you can purchase it in AssetStore.

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